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Our First Song: Breaking Through. Music And Lyrics By Per Syversen And Randi Mossing

Breaking through. Music by Randi Mossing and Per Syversen.

Our first song: Breaking through

(We kindly advice you to use ear plugs or a pair of loud speakers when you listen).

Our first time together in studio. A preproduction, but we are so proud to present: Breaking through. Music and lyrics by Randi Mossing and Per Syversen

A preproduction: Breaking through

Per Syversen plays the guitar, and I, Randi Mossing sing. Together we make a combination of folk and jazz and blues. This song, Breaking through, is about the first footsteps of a small child on the summer grass. It is about the diamonds and pearls of our imagination.

Per Syversen

We first met in February, and every week since then we have rehearsed, composed and played together. It usually starts with Per having some tunes and combinations on the strings. I listen, I then improvise, and melodies are formed. I write the lyrics, and all the images are from around Tinn and Rjukan.

Randi Mossing

Since I studied folk music, I have always wanted to combine the old tunes with a new jazz voice. I admit there is a melancholia to it, but also hope. Most of my lyrics are often about the smallest among us, being the little fly in a window, or the reflections in a rain drop on a leaf of grass.


This recording, Breaking through, was played and mastered at Kamerina. We had a wonderful time with Knut Nyheim who has produced Breaking through. Please, when you listen, use ear plugs, or link your computer to a pair of speakers. We really want you to listen to all the beautiful strings and tunes that we make.

Concerts in September and October

We have a large amount of new material. Breaking through is a taste of what comes! There a concert in September or October. More will come after that. Please enjoy Breaking through. We hope you like it.

With kind regards, Randi and Per

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