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Artist in Residence Artak350 Grundarfjordur Iceland January – 2023


Reykjavik – ARTAK105 Gallery Primo Feb 2023.

Excerpt of one-act play, presentation of work.

(Information on the event will be published by Artak350 by primo Feb. 2023)

Hva er et kunstneropphold? What is an Artist in residence?

The aim is to stimulate creativity through interaction with the local environment and to foster relations between participants and the local community.

ARTAK350 Program – Res Artis

Grundarfjordur Iceland Januar 2023

Randi Mossing’s perspective for field research for an one-act play: sitespesific sounds, local historical sources and folk tunes in play in present day Grundarfjordur.

What is the sound of an open window? What is the energy of silence after a raging storm in winter? What are sounds of snow by the sea at Gundarfjord/Snæfellsnes peninsula?

På invitasjon: Randi Mossing @ Sun Jan 1 – Tue Jan 31, 2023

Residency artak350


Randi Mossing is invited by the program Artak350 to work and live in Grundarfjordur. Artists in Residence January 2023.

Exibition/work in progress at Artak105 Gallery in Reykjavik 2.2.23-4.2.23 (More information will come with the publication of the event by Artak350 and Artak105 Gallery primo February).

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