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Norwegian voice artist: singer, poet and stage performer.

My voice is my instrument. I speak English fluently, but I also master most Norwegian dialects.

I work with improvisation and the fusion of traditional folksong and jazz.

Master of Arts, University of Oslo (1994) and Telemark University College (2009). Born 1969.

Randi Mossing portrett. Foto Jarle Andersen

Artist statement


I am you.

I listen to write, to speak, to sing. To become you.

I seek to answer:

What is the sound of a closed door? Does loneliness have a tune? How can we perceive insects in a summer’s window as music? What is the sound of childhood? An average morning? What are the songs of snow on an inland lake?

Therefore; how do things we hear change in grief or sorrow or happiness?

Or do these phenomena affect each other the other way around?

(Silent Crosses by Coleminkai, open tuned jazzblues)

I seek answers to these questions in what I write, what I sing, and what I perform. So I can become you.

Stage performances - music and acting

«I am you»

2019 Ruth Bergslien, Otilie Nilsen and Rallarkokka Karen: Pop-up theater.

2019: Coleminkai, troll tuned jazzblues. Singles «Breaking through» and «Silent crosses»

2018-2019: «Solitary Sall and the dream goggles» Children’s literature, a performance.

2017: «The dictionary»

A series of 12 short stories performed in front of a live audience at Admini during spring, summer and fall of 2017.

Which stories do you choose to tell and how can language define you?

2017: «Steppenwolf»

A series of short-stories on loneliness performed at Rjukan Admini.

2017: «The sound of ice», «Skinny October»

Two poems performed at the House of Literature in Oslo in December.

2017: «The sound of ice», «Skinny October», «Writing your hand»

Performed at Lonin Literary Festival in Hovin in September.

2015: «Trippel Three. Confessions»

2013: «Footsteps»

A series of poems performed live at Notodden’s 100 year’s anniversary celebration.

2013: «Who is watching who on an art exhibition»

A literary performance at Liv Solberg Andersen’s Gallery.

2013: «Mother drowned her children in the river Nile», «Melt»

Literary performance for «Stirring the fire» (L. Borges) at NIA.

2012: «En Passant»

A poetic performance through a series of paintings at Gallery Ramfjord, Oslo.

2010: «Mother drowned her children in the river Nile»

A literary performance at National Theatre in Kampala, Uganda.

Author of children's literature

«A fairy-tale for every child»

2017: «Fire Glass»

A literary reading pilot based on UNESCO World Heritage.

Written and performed for children spring 2018.

Vocal music performances

“For all the skinny girls”

Compositions, concerts

«Blues for all the skinny girls»

Nov. 2017, Telemarksgalleriet/Lysbuen

«October dress»

Sept. 2017, Lonin Poetry Festival

«The stories of Lizzie Lagoon»

Aug. 2017, The Kamerina Music Festival


Nov. 2016, Bø/Telemark

«Cuban girls»

Apr. 2016, Gallery Taide

Tinnsjå Kollective

2012-2014, Rjukan

«På Selstali»

2009, Gausdalen/Gaustatoppen

Annual Cabarets


The Blues Brothers/The Beatles

2003-2007, Big-band vocalist

Live literary talks

“I plan, I read, we talk”.

Edvard Hoem

2016, Rjukan Literary Festival.

Frode Grytten

2014, The Red Library’s 100 years’ anniversary.

Vigdis Hjorth

2014, Rjukan Public Library.

Christian Kjelstrup/Wislawa Szymborska’s poetry


Åsne Linnestå

2012, Rjukan Library.

Hans Olav Lahlum

2011, Rjukan Library.

Dag Solstad

2011, Rjukan Library.

Theater performances

“My voice is my body”

Pop-up theatre

2017, Storegut/Norsk Industriarbeidermuseum/Rjukanbanen.

Reciting the introduction to «Draumkvedet».

2015, Dal Church.

Protagonist Milja in Oskar Braaten’s «Ungen».

1988, Sigyn Theatre/Stavanger.

Publications – sound installations

“Come, be heard”.


2015, short story for Radikal Portal.

«After the rain»

2014, poetry on giclée-prints from the series «En Passant».


2014, visual poetry. Pop-up Exhibition at Meier garden, Rjukan.

«Water dress»

2012, sound installation.

Voice over – auditive support

English and Norwegian auditive support

2013, recorded hearing aid for the public exhibitions at NIA (Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum).

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